Mission and Role Statement

We are a family of faith called by God to be the Body of Christ and sent by the power of the Holy Spirit into the world to continue the ministry of Jesus. We come together to be formed as a community of the Spirit that seeks to follow Jesus and to demonstrate God’s promise of things to come:

…as a prayerful, worshiping people

…as a learning and discipling people

…as a loving and nurturing people

…as an inviting & witnessing people



Community Formation


To be a worshiping community where God sees our whole Christian lives as acts of worship — that our spiritual worship is not just what we do on Sundays in a building but what the Lord and the world see in us every day and every moment of the week.

Cultivating a grateful community of abundance and generosity that is growing continually together in its understanding and wise management of God’s gifts.

Christian Community Formation is about building relationships within God’s family. Our potential for community with one another is directly related to our relationship with God. When our hearts are open to the love of God by trusting in Jesus Christ, his love fills us and becomes the foundation upon which we move into relationship with others.

To be a congregation that continually strives to see the world in the light of the Cross, discerns where God is at work in the world, and joins in God’s opportunities for Christian witness.

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